Wednesday, February 03, 2016


I'm still recovering from a fun-filled family weekend that included Friday night in Butte at a bull-riding shindig followed by a late night swim at Fairmont, and a day on the hill at Discovery…with some more water time in between at Fairmont. It was definitely good to get away with the family and helped me to burn some steam off without hitting anyone. The trials of an e-cig free life are still present.
So far, the week has been relatively productive in the shop, but cold enough to keep most sensible anglers at bay. Later in the week is looking better temp-wise, but it's all about the wind on the lower right now. Fish are up and eating midges, just need to get free from the wind which seems to blow more than not this time of year out there. Reports of plenty of ice on the water out there today, to go with the wind.
Onward we go into the great unknown of what comes next…brass knuckles in tow.

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