Wednesday, March 09, 2016


Four hours on the river and not a single photographic image to be found. You may call it disappointment, I call it freedom. The freedom of fishing and not trying to take another stupid picture of another white dude holding a trout by its gill-plates.
The lower LOOKED perfect. Weed free like I haven't noticed in years with just a titich of grey to it, not enough to say that it was anything but clear. Midges out and a little bit of wind. Worked around, found a couple spots and beat on them pretty good for awhile. Nothing makes me happier than two BB's and a wire worm this time of year. Any fish that eats a wire worm is alright in my book, throw an egg behind it and life can't get any simpler when they eat.
Today was about the fellowship, though - and making Rainman feel like a little bitch…also.
I think that the YC has successfully not allowed the 35 Million Gallon leakage of "treated" wastewater t
to stir up too much shit in the community…somehow. I love that they are all saying the science shows that the water is safe. That makes sense, "Hey, we have this giant storage pond of four wastewater located at the top of mountain stream drainage or two but don't worry if it ever leaks out because the water is so safe that we are just storing it to be used for sprinklers on our golf course." I'm sure that the YC member - and golf course residents everywhere for that matter - are super psyched when their kids go out in the morning to play in the sprinkler on the golf course…probably even fill up their nalgene bottles while walking the dogs. Good to know that the water is safe for being used to irrigate golf courses and people.  I wonder what 35 million gallon jugs of my poop would like and how long would it take fill them all? I bet that's a lot of cans of Hormel…run them all through a double coffee filter and good to go for watering your lawn. Fuck 'em all, I say.

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