Monday, March 21, 2016


Back in the swing of things today after a very nice spring break with the family. Sounds like I was out of town for the majority of the nasty weather. It was spectacular here in the Bozone yesterday, took the motor boat out with the little guy. Fishing sucked, but the sun felt great.
Things have been interesting the last few weeks, more like last few years, to be honest. Things never really seem to slow down anymore, so last week was really good of for me in that I was really able to just chill and do nothing except wake up early and watch the sun come up and watch it go down. Everything in between was great too, but nothing clears my head like watching water and the changing of the light everyday.
Had the chance to do some Bass fishing in Tejas on a couple of occasions. They eat so good when they eat, whether its a spinnerbait or a fly…the tug is pretty sweet. Its hard for me not to get nostalgic and feel very old when I pick up a bait-casting rod.

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