Saturday, April 02, 2016


It has been a hectic few days…actually I guess more like a day and a half. I was able to enjoy a final day on the ski hill a few days ago and absolutely shredded my legs to the point that I could hardly walk and could not bend over through Thursday.
My wife was scheduled to leave town on Friday morning but decided that she didn't feel well and asked to go to the ER instead of the airpot at 5:30 am. Turns out that she ruptured her appendix a few weeks ago and just powered through the whole thing. So, she has been in the hospital on IV Antibiotics and I've been more or less running around, trying to stay sane and positive. They expect her to be fine, it's just going to take awhile for the antibiotics to start working.
I was supposed to fixh tomorrow with a couple Greenie legends, but have opted for a pass and some hanging with my wife time instead.
She really is an amazing person to love me and put up with all the bullshit that comes from my head and mouth! Anyway, we could use some positive thoughts and a few prayers too.

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