Tuesday, August 30, 2016


You thought I was joking with the 5X yesterday didn't you? Second fly change today…no mas 5X. Better bite today or "Good Enough" would be more correct. Cool this morning with a rapid heat up around 11:00 am. Never been so excited about crappy weather heading my way as I am right now, winter is coming…kind of…in a few days.
More important lessons in life include the necessity of consistently "preaching" the same thing over and over as an effective teaching tool. I told my guy to strip his line so many times today to keep from getting tangled that eventually all I had to say was "What am I going to say now?"
Tired of being hot, it just breeds negativity in my mind. Thank  God for high tech fabric packages from leaders in fly fishing apparel like Patagonia and even Sage. Cool to the touch and they don't "plasticize" like other brands, the choices of extraordinary fishing guides worldwide…like me.

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