Friday, August 12, 2016

Early Bird Can Have the Worm

Oh man, these early mornings are losing their novelty very quickly. Sunrises are nice, but honestly I've seen somewhere around 16,000 of them and the odd of tomorrow being any better than any of the others is very small. The only good thing about 4:45 is the thought that 9 pm isn't really that far away.
Went to the Yellowstone River today, aiming for Carbella area. Windy as hell up there so we ducked down back down to the bird float. Suck, suck, suck. Dead whitefish all over the place, a couple of trout, but mostly just hot, nothingness. Felt like fishing in river of sand pouring across the Mojave. Yuk.
Looking forward to the sleep coming my way and the possibility of seeing another sunrise that I won't remember because I'm still high on Ambien when I'm heading out.

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