Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hot Summer Daze in the Bozone

It's getting hot once again, despite my internal pleas for the summer to be over and fall just a week away. I mean they are already playing football, shouldn't it be fall?
On the lower today with Pete once again. Nice sunrise, but a little too cold for my blood…and dark too. Couldn't see the indicator and had to ask…where did it go…it was under and away with a fish in tow on a few occasions. Hooked more than we landed would be one way to describe the fishing today. Crawdads, LGM, and these little black baetis nymphs we are selling were getting the grub on until late morning when it turned into more of a lightning bug adventure. Found plenty of weeds today at the bottom of them lower madison buckets.
But, it was good to be out with the old man once again and listen to his jibber jabbering about this and that while fish try to east his bugs.

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