Sunday, August 14, 2016

Glory of the Morning Sun

Sometimes, everything seems just right with the world. Most of the day was one of those kinds of days. The 4:30 wakeup was ok, clouds over the Bridgers promised some spectacular light, and an empty ramp seemed to tell a story of solitude and fly fishing. I missed the sunrise, somehow, but everything else went as hoped or even better.
It's certainly hot out there right now, no doubt about it. Fish are eating in the mornings, little bugs like Trico nymphs and Black Fly pupae are getting them going. Some reports of a hopper bite in Livingston, but not sure if I would believe that enough to deal with it right now. I'll stick to fishing meat and little bugs and hoping for a late morning rise or two.
Interesting to me how fish just don't eat when it gets really hot. Do they know it's 2 pm or do we know that 2 pm is when they quit eating. Is there actually science that says that 2 pm on is the bad time. Why is 1:30 ok?
What happened to that tool that raged out on me when he left his kayak in the middle of the ramp and I moved it. I think he was a fish biologist for FWP…oh he was. Was thinking about that little run in this afternoon. There were 30 people clogging up the boat ramp and a hillbilly throwing Whitefish in the bushes. The fish biologist was the only one that didn't need to move his kayak from the ramp. He was so pissed when I moved it, after asking his wife if I could help her move it to which she stared absent-mindedly at me instead of answering my question. He had no idea or concern for the flying whitefish that afternoon.
So, there is a part of me that really wonders if he had anything to do with this Hoot Owl strategy. Honestly, I don't think he was smart enough for that kind of thinking and the new dude is doing a much better job of things, and actually cares. I bet he'd move his kayak from the middle of the boat ramp, so I think he's probably doing his best with the Hoot Owl. Thank God for retirement….that dude was an idiot.

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