Friday, August 26, 2016

The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Played...

The relentless pursuit of world dominance has been the theme of Swanky McSwank over the last few days. Silently working in the shadows, pecking away at the underbelly of the fly fishing industry. Cleansing the palette for the future, rather than relishing in the glory of a past that is actually nowhere near as glorious as it seems in hindsight.
Blow me, I say to those of you that are stuck in the ways of the old and monotone color of an orange world.
Moving on, the weather has been fantastic, I managed to get worked over on Hebgen, Ennis, and Harrison lakes all within the span of a similar number of days. Sometimes I think that I am a much better shit-talker than actual angler. Then I stop to realize that I can do things with a fly rod, fly line, and  a box full of flies that the other top 5 anglers in the world can't even comprehend…most days. So, if I got worked over…consider yourself fortunate to not have been there as you would have sold all your junk on ebay afterwards and started to focus on unicorn-themed paint by number projects.
I attended a public meeting on the Yellowstone the other night in Livingston. I can only imaging the stress the members of that community must be feeling right now, my heart goes out to them all. FWP has really impressed me with their decisiveness in the process of handling this bad situation. It has just been a bad deal for the river and everyone whose life is touched by the river. Hopefully, the cooler temps will ease things up a bit…will wait and see.

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