Tuesday, September 27, 2016

No Mas 2016

Done, done, and done is my motto when it comes to the possibility of getting me out rowing a boat for money one more time this year. Ain't going to happen. No. Done!
Ended up having two great days with some great folks to close out the 2016 guide season for Swanky McSwank. Spent both days on the lower, which was surprisingly BIZE with a wide plethora of scraggly looking guides all lined up in their Tundra's. I don't even know 90% of the youngins' anymore.
The river fished well enough, but not real good either day. Lots of working the buckets over with Red Wire and occasionally getting a grab. Did end up with a nice 19" Rainbow later in the day and a bunch of small-mid-size fish that made for a fun day.
Getting things sorted around here as I prepare to head for Brazil this coming Sunday! They are on their second week of the season at Rio Marie and I just received reports of a couple fish over 25 pounds to hand yesterday. Supposedly the river is dropping nicely and coming into shape. At this stage, I don't care at all, just looking forward to getting unplugged for awhile in the jungle.
Oh and I almost forgot, 4th day in a row that I was asked why we don't carry Simms, given that they are just down the road from us! Same answer as always…we were going to but, they screwed us over…you should read my blog I tell them.

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