Friday, September 23, 2016

Rain they say

Rain, rain…go away come again some OTHER day. Area rivers are coming up like a moro right now from the Yellowstone to choices even to the west…which is best. But alas, we all know that there are few endeavors i the life aquatic that are worth much less than wasting a day, punning away on an rising flow. So, steady eddy water tomorrow seems the most prudent thing to do, yet the least desirable…to be honest. But sometimes life is like that, it is the lesser of all the evils that looks most appealing. Sad, but true.
Lower Madison yesterday which was surprisingly crazy busy, like nice weekend in April busy. Sounded like most folks had a tough go of it, we did alright all things considered. Wire worm dropped short with a ton of weight on the honey holes and craw daddies and sowbugs on the run so to speak.
The entire Yellowstone River is reopened as of today! Unfortunately, it is a mud-bog too so those fish on the bird float get a few more days of reprieve!
Interesting to me how yesterday, like the day before…my client asked me why we don't carry Simms. I told her that I wrote a whole lengthy blog on it, but in short…we would would love to, but they just don't want to do business with us and jerked us around for well over a year on the whole matter. I wonder where we will be in 600 days from now as I am continually asked about this over and over again. What will the answer look like then? We shall see, eh. Moo.

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