Tuesday, October 04, 2016


Made it to Manaus last night at a reasonable time after spending the majority of the day holed up in Miami, working on fly orders for 2017. No drama or mishaps to report as of yet. Flights, transfers, hotels, and luggage have all gone as well as one could hope to date.
I spent the day holed up in the hotel here in Manaus today, digging through spreadsheets and working on orders for next year. Sounds laborious does it not? Actually not too bad and kind of nice to be abel to get into it without being interrupted by phones, kids, dogs, and yip-yappers. As I have been in the AC all day, I have no idea what it is like outside, other than that the window of my hotel room feels hot too the touch.
Looking forward to getting out on the town tomorrow for a few hours and then wrapping up some of the ordering process too! We head out to the jungle on Thursday morning.
Reports are coming back that fishing has been solid at Rio Marie the last few days. Hopefully the weather and water holds in there just a few more days!

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