Saturday, October 15, 2016

Vampires of the Amazon

Slept all through the night last night, which has been a rare occasion lately. The dudes wanted to show me around the area today so we went for a long run this morning.
Made some stops along the way and got into a bunch of Peacocks. The Peacocks are much smaller here than at Rio Marie, but hit very hard and give a great tug. I lost one that was maybe 5 pounds today, the rest were all 1-3 pounders. One of the guys I’m fishing with landed one that was 6 pounds. Lots of sight casting here.
We then pulled up to an enormous mud/sand flat to look for some giant catfish thing. Never found the Catfish, but did hookup on Arawana, Bicuda and some more Peacocks. Saw an enormous Wolfish that lurked away before I could get a cast to it. Saw crocs, rays, and crap pile of birds there too.
Then we headed up the river more and anchored up in what appeared to be nothing different. The Paraya were rolling though and we started swinging through them. Hooked up a bunch, landed a few. They have the giant teeth and bony mouths, so they just kept coming unbuttoned. They were fun as shit though.
The guys really wanted me to land a Bicuda- no way I am spelling that right- it’s the thing that looks like a Barracuda. It actually looks like an Alligator Gar, but not so big. Landed one of those at the end of the day and we headed back.

Again, I am jus amazed by the size of this place. We were on a river that is a tributary to the river we fished yesterday and it’s over ½ mile wide for the most part. I looked out my window as I was taking a shower to see a Cayman swimming along the hotel/barge this evening.

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