Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Texas with the parents and kids, despite it feeling more like Spring in Montana is supposed to feel than winter in Texas should feel. Got to do some Bass'n though and put the hurtin' on  e'm with the ol' Jimmy Houston special some on flies too. I hope that I become a pro-Bass dude after I retire.
So, back this week and around until Christmas. No big plans on tap until Spring, parents. wife, and me are all going to Belize for the week to do some fishing, diving, and general non-sense.
Good to see some snow starting to fill up the hills, finally. Looking like we are in for some winter over the next week, but I hope to get out at least once in there. I might offer up a trade with the better half that goes something like I will be in a good mood for the Christmas Stroll & Nutcracker on Saturday night IF I can go fish on Sunday.
Santa came early for me this year and oh what a JOY it is!

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