Monday, January 30, 2017

1st Trout 2017

Finally got out and actually caught a trout in 2017, yesterday. We had grand plans which included getting up early, driving aways to be the first ones on the water and to do some hole-hogging through the morning. Probably end up with 40 or 50 fish each by noon. I had been watching the weather, just waiting and hoping for  a break as cabin fever has brought me to the edge more days than not the last few weeks. The stars aligned and we headed out.

Originally we had a 730 am meet-time. I forgot that its still dark at 730 so it ended up being closer to 8. We drove an hour and a half and the temperature went from 26 where left to -1 where we planned on fishing. There were two rigs already there, it was -1, barely light, and I couldn't find a place to park. We drove on and watched the temperature sore to 5, so we backtracked and did some postholing off a snowmobile track (while snowmobilers snowmobiled by us) down to the river. I forgot my magnifiers and almost opted to just stand and watch rather than try t tie a midge on. Turend out that it didn't matter what I tied on as the bite sucked. Charlie got one, I lost 4 flies.

We trekked back to the snowmobile track, I would have gladly given someone $10 to drag me up that hill rather than trying to climb out through a couple feet of loose powder. I think it was 8 degrees by the end of this morning jaunt.

We headed out with eyes on plan A. Plan A now had multiple rigs and people walking with their dogs in the river and on the highway, I think it was 13 degrees and the wind was blowing about 20 at this point. We drove on. The temperature rose along with the wind, so we kept on driving. Did a couple hours of BS with some friends and drive some more.

Ended up at Canaday around 3:30, got out, caught a few fish and headed home. The wind was down, it felt like 40, the river was quiet. A long way to go to get to Canaday, but worth the drive.

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