Wednesday, January 25, 2017


There continues to be preponderance of not a lot going on here in the Bozone in terms of Swanky McSwankville and fishing. The forecast continues to call for more days that are colder rather than warm and I can't really swing a multi-day excursion to warmer climes. The horro' of it all...the horro'!
So, I could rattle on about the minutia that I have been focusing on, but that bores even me to the point that I would prefer to just not talk about it.
One key things though: Nick is leaving Fins & Feathers in a couple weeks to go build spey rods with Bob Meisser in Oregon. Usually, when folks move on from F& is time and all parties are generally happy to be parting ways. However, we are all sad about losing Nick, especially me. He has been a great influence on me and brought countless smiles to all of us over the years. I am excited for him, however, and am sure that this will be an awesome adventure for him. Be sure to stop in and wish him well over the next couple of weeks!

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