Thursday, January 19, 2017


Tried to go fishing today out to the lower, but lost my patience pretty quickly with the ice shelves, floating ice, and wind. The wind was not as bad as the ice for a change. A to of my favorite spots are under ice right now though, so it was hard to get jacked up about fishing date that I don't like to fish.
My first and second fish of 2017 were Whitefish. I left promptly and went back to the shop to work/not work for the afternoon.
The winter is dragging by right now, you can just tell from everyone we talk to that it is getting old. Hopefully though, we have another couple months of it with more snow and warmer temperatures.
The rest of of the week has been a wash in terms of getting much done at work. My office got a one-day makeover and I decided to hit the river today as it looked like the one day above freezing for awhile....we will see. So, back to catch up I go.

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