Tuesday, March 07, 2017


Another day in the shop started off with the UPS man bringing box after box of new stuff into the shop. The spring season is definitely here and we are getting cranked up, just need more flies and it will all fall into place just in time for the madness.
A guy came in today that does some fly tying show me some of his bugs and, to hopefully sell me some as well. I had heard about these bugs, but hadn't really thought too much about them in the meantime. They are basically Marabou buggers with these funky little skulls that he ties onto the back of the hook shank. They look kind of cool, definitely different and he swear that they are great flies to swing. They fish down well.
He had a lot of enthusiasm for his flies, so much so that I just cut him a check and took the bugs in. It's refreshing to see someone with that infectious belief in what they are doing. No wondering, no hesitation...just that the flies are something that he came up with and is proud of. I could use more interactions like that!

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