Sunday, March 12, 2017


After another partially grueling week at work...heading out with the family to El Pescador in Belize for spring break, Spring Breaks almost always involve some cool place in the tropics with good fishing just beyond the "zone of daily operations." That means that there are good fishing options nearby, but just far enough that they might as well de on the moon. So, the emphasis is on family time, sitting in the pool, buffet meals, and a nap or two each day.
However, I took the kids fishing a couple years ago at Pesca Maya for two days. Apparently they like it enough so that they recommend a similar choice for the this years' spring break rather than the typical all-inclusive, googan haven!
We are headed to Belize in a few hours with lots of fishing and family time on the schedule! Much better than lounge chairs and evening filled with Mickey Mouse songs and Koombaya!

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