Sunday, April 09, 2017


Finished up the first week of guiding on Friday with one of those days that will live in infamy with those of us that were guiding out of boats that day, here in SW Montana. The wind was epic. Sheets of water were swirling off the lower Madison as we drove by on our way to the upper. It wasn't any better on the upper either. However, the fish were eating very we'll up there, so the wind was more of an inconvenience than a hindrance. If fishing would have sucked, I would have blamed it on the wind.

Things I learned last week include: carry a spare key for the truck, if a drain plug doesn't fit in a drain plug's because the drain plug hole is too small. square nose boats row better in the wind than pointy-nose boats, fish eat Golden Stone nymphs too, Skwalas are overrated, and I have no idea why the Sage Bolt hasn't been well received.

Big week of playing catch up around the shop and plowing my way through the final portions of my Captain's license. I am now well versed in the identification of visual navigation aids, chart plotting, and the essential "rules of the road" when it comes to maritime navigation. Still need to learn how to fight fires and what it takes to be a good deckhand.

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