Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Neck deep in the MO right now, like I haven't been in years. Crashing in a borrowed camper, eating brats in the parking lot, tying flies at night and watching the sun go down. Days have been fish-filled, ramp to ramp.
I know that I have flip-flopped more than once on this whole fish guiding thing...I'll probably do it more. So what is what I say. Its not like I'm flip-flopping on whether I like girls or guys! I like being a fly fishing guide right now...a lot. Everyone needs something I guess, I need to be on the water.
Fishing has been really, really good up here the last couple of weeks. Not stupid good, but really good. Scuds and sowbug in the morning with a caddis pupa dropper. Switching to worms and fire beads around 2. Worms probably work all day if you are so inclined.

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