Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Been back up on the MO since Sunday night. Continues to fish silly well with nymphs but no heads up and streamer fishing is questionable at best. But, if you are into numbers and working water, its's a helluva place to spend the day.
The water is coming up, but so far so good in terms of water conditions and the bite. Rumor has it that more water is coming and that they are expecting flows to be near 10000 by this weekend. Interesting change in where the fish hold and feed as the water is coming up. Although the water changes, the fish are still eating Scuds and Caddis Pupa about 7-8' below the indicator with an AB split shot.
Amazing part of being on the water most days this year is the change that is right in form of my nose, everyday. One day you see a yellow flower, the next day there are 5, and the next day the hillside is covered. Everyday changes so much this time of year, so quickly. To see it is a gift.

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