Tuesday, May 23, 2017


The delay since the last post largely has to do with me forgetting my laptop on the last run back uo to Craig. The internet sucks up there anyway, so I probably would have kept my ramblings to a minimum anyway.

The river was crazy crowded this past weekend, but I lucked out with some creative wanderings on Saturday and stumbled upon a much cleaner lower river than I expected. While most of the boats were upstream, we pretty much had it to ourselves on the last day of my MO run. The worm bite was as good as it gets with fish after fish puking earthworms up everywhere on the boats and in my net, Their bellies were distended and they had that look of being totally gorged while being entirely incapable of not eating more.

I headed back on Sunday and ended up making a run down to Ashton for some meetings with some folks with Patagonia and a few other dealers. Lots of cool stuff on the way and a ton of windshield time the last few days.

Windshield time is good for me, helps clear it all out and get things into perspective. There is a ton of snow yet to come out of the mountains and I am grateful to live here, rather than most other places. Lots of work ahead though.

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