Sunday, June 25, 2017


Let's see...what has happened lately? Back at the madness would be the most succinct summary. Been on the water most days for awhile now and if you include pre Los Roques and Los Roques, I think I'm looking 20 days fishing so far in June and I do include guiding in that approximation as well. I love the water, I guess.

27 years without booze happened a couple of days ago,

The lower madison has turned into tuberville in the afternoons in the last few days. Salmonflies have been out on the upper the past week, Matty hooked his first Carp...but lost it. I have watched anglers fishing on the moon the past few days. Most of my past resentments have slipped away. My angling/guiding state of judmentality seems to be waning as well.

I like square-nosed drift boats.

I like Sage X rods, Hatch Reels, and Sage the new Ross Evolution R and I guess the Lamson Speedster. Rio Extreme Indicator line is an awesome nymph line and the SA Amplitude line is pretty badass too.

The fishing has been more slower the last four days. On the upper, it's hard to say if it's fly placement,  boat traffic, water temps, plethora of hatches, the Salmonfly hatch, or moon phase. I just haven't been getting em very well at all on the dries up there, but they eat it well when they do come up. Nynphing is for later up there. The lower Madison has been good later in the day versus early am and have no idea why, guess I don't really care either just as long as its good at some point. Other area rivers are still high, but dropping kind of quickly.

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