Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Made it home early Sunday afternoon following an awesome week at Los Roques with Sightcast Outfitters. I am yet to feel caught up with sleep though...more due to the fact that the dogs get top at 4:30-5:00 am every morning than having to do with anything else. Rivers seem high still here and it has been rainy and cool since returning home. It feels like Friday, but it's only Wednesday. Looking forward to hitting the guide boat hard again next week and just hoping to keep my head have water with projects around the shop in the meantime.

Typically, I'm paying attention to the river conditions and general fishing BS. This week, however, I'm just keeping my nose down and focusing on the shop. The water will still be there in 2-3 days I keep telling myself. I'm itching to get the jet boat out and look for shallow water carp...just need some sun and warmth. Wouldn't mind throwing streamers somewhere too. Time to turn over some rocks and look for Salmonflies as well. Maybe tomorrow!

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