Friday, June 09, 2017

Last day at Los Roques

Sitting here on the porch at Posada Acuarela following our last day of fishing at Los Roques, enjoying the downtime before dinner. This has been one of the most laid back vacations for me in quite sometime. Life gets much more manic than I think it does and stepping away for a few days has helped me appreciate the fact that nobody really gives a crap how busy my life is. Talking about how busy may life has becomes is similar to talking about fantasy one cares!

The fishing was good this week though,and people do generally care about that. Very good fishing for Bonefish here at Los Roques with Sightcast Outfitters. The fish generally seem like they see very little pressure and the diversity of flats is different than anyplace that I have been before. Pancake flats, beach flats, and straight up beaches all held lots of fish and offered easy wading. The average size of fish is 4-6 pounds and they are as strong as any Bonefish that I have caught before. I'm not always a fan of Bonefish, but I am definitely a fan of Bonefish here in Los Roques.

Start the journey home tomorrow. I know it was a good vacation when I am completely exhausted...which I am now. I'm out!

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