Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Los Roques, End of Day 2

Good day here at Los Roques with Sightcast Outfitters...worn out, tired, and satiated. Started off the morning on a beach flat with gobs of spooky Bonefish that wanted nothing to eat and nothing to do with me. After an hour or so, the light improved and we were able to see fish coming from a long way away. The 30 mph breeze made banging out 80' casts a simple task and distance was the key early on getting fish to eat. After that, things got easier, fish seemed more relaxed and I put it to them for awhile.

Got to fish with my wife this afternoon after she had a nice morning of SCUBA diving out on some reef wall. She claims to see all kinds of fish underwater when she dives, I think she exaggerates. Anyway. the guide had her out on a Pancake flat this afternoon and she hooked up and landed a few in an hour or two of fishing in the wind and clouds. She did great and was laughing away with the guide.

We rolled up for an afternoon session of Tarpon fishing just off the beach here at Grand Roques around 4. I was focused on reading the water and looking at the cuts, trying to find the structure to fish at while fish were rolling off and on around us. After about 10 minutes, I realized that the structure was actually a mass of Sardines beyond comprehension. Miles and miles of little fish. The bright spots in between are where the Tarpon, Jacks, and everything else blow through the schools. I stuck one briefly on a gummy minnow.

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