Friday, July 07, 2017


Been a busy few weeks, but enjoying a little break in the action this week for me as I get ready to head to Florida tomorrow. It's that time of year once again when the fishing industry has their annual tradeshow in remarkable Orlando. I expect tot myself and 4, possibly 5 other retailers in attendance this year. Next year, however, they are moving it to Denver and later in the year, so it should be much busier.

Wrapped up a couple of weeks worth of shoveling water on Monday with a streamer angler. Despite the heat and the sun, we moved a bunch in the morning and caught a few. Things petered out by 11 am. It has been hot this week and waters are warming up, but we have plenty of water which is good for the fish and great for the fisherman.

Tuesday was the WGFF. I fished with Ben all day and did stuff that I usually don't do. I don't really remember much of Tuesday to be honest. Fishing was bad enough that Jim won the tourney.

Fished carp with a longtime buddy from town. Had't fished with him in a few years, so that was great to get out and look for rubber lip cruisers. We each lost a couple after some good eats and spooked 345 fish or so.

Spent yesterday with my wife on her birthday. Hot air balloon ride in the morning and fishing the Yellowstone late run the day. It will be in great shape in the coming days down low. we got enough fish to make anyone happy yesterday and didn't work at it too hard. The annual shit show float starts today in Livingston, so I'd wait until after the weekend to get on the lover river anyway. We were the only ones out there yesterday though.

Work day today and then head to FL in the morning. Tarpon fishing tomorrow night somewhere and day fishing on Monday. Orlando Tuesday-Friday. Looking forward to seeing a bunch of peeps I know and all the new junk for 2018!

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