Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Good Stuff

FWP has opened just about everything back up now. The only closure that affects us is the Lower Madison below Warm Springs. It's open in the Beartrap all day now, but still closes at 2 between Warm Springs and 3 Forks. The entire Yellowstone and Gallatin are open again along with the East. Just open the was 63 near Greycliff at 1 pm today and has been like this for 2 weeks now! AND it is fishing GREAT!
Ok, I fished with the new high end Orvis rod for 2008 today. It's called Helios for some reason. If you know me, you know that I call it like it is. These rods are stellar! Lightweight (905 was 2 3/4 ozs) and throw a line with powerful ease. The rod really impressed me as it is vastly different than the Zero G, which has been a disappointment to me, in that it loads quickly and easily, mended line very well, is sensitive and very light. This is good shit and I'm excited about the new rods for teh first time since the T3's came out! The rod is very handsome without the Bling Bling that teh Zero G touts. They will retail at $755 but they are heads and tail above the Sage and Winstons of teh world...honestly. It also caught some fish today.

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