Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

The weather has been really warm again, but the fishing has been holding in there just fine. Today was cooler and it shoudl be like this for the rest of the week, I'm expecting the Lower Madison by the coming weekend.

Labor Day weekend was great, the crowds weren't bad and we found some fish, plenty actually. One of the days, we actually git 3 double hook-ups. I'm not talking about both anglers being hooked at the same time...that's rather common. I mean 2 fish on one rig consiting of 2 flies! That's when you know that they are really eating! We did get some of the other doubles too.

Kevin got this 22" beauty on the stone on a hopper on the last day of the trip. We spotted the fish from a high bank sitting in about 6 inches of water a foot or two off the bank. We carefully approached and he put the hopper about 2 feet ahead of the fish, It turned, followed the fly for about 3 feet and gently sucked it down! Very Kiwiesque. It really was amazing to watch and I was so glad that Kevin played it just right!

The New Zealand 08 trip is coming together nicley, I've pretty much got a full trip of 8 or 9 of us. Getting very excited about that, but still have about 6 weeks of guiding to do here yet this year.

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