Friday, September 14, 2007

Early Fall

Shorter days and cooler nights have really turned everything back on. The lower is finally open all day again and everything else worth fishing is open as well. I've been all over the place the last 10 days, fishing in some quiet places and well as the middle of the pack. Overall, things have been good, but I've definitley seen a few tough...not terrible...but tough days.

My favorite spot around Bozeman has been good but getting picked apart more and more, I've only seen one other boat there so far this fall, but I have a feeling it's getting more and more pressure. The first time I fished it this fall, we got 3 double hook ups...that's 2 fish on one rig. Yesterday, we only had it happen once. It did happen on the lower Madison today as well though.

I just finished with a group from Ann Arbor that has come out the last 2 years. Just a great group of
guys that enjoy fishing out west. If you're looking for a shop in Ann Arbor, check out Colton Bay Outfitters and ask for John.

We landed a 21.5 inch brown today on a crayfish, it looked familiar to me. I also got him about 2 weeks ago only 50 yards away! If you look at the posts from a couple weeks ago, you'll see Doug Best, Orvis Rep, holding the same fish. The spots and tail give it away! Last time he ate a caddis pupa behind a crayfish.

(same fish as Best got)
The season is winding down and I'm getting excited about the NZ trip for January.Fish fish fish.

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