Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Season is Upon Us

This has been the wettest year that I've seen here in SW Montana in over 10 years. It reminds me more of the summer of '93 than any other, but it's hard to say for sure. Whatever year it's most like, I'm ready for it to be more like the last few instead. I'm tired of snow every other week and daily rain showers. Sure, it's good for the streams and forests, but I could go for some sun for a few days. Flip flops would be nice.

Most of the rivers have come down quite a bit over the last week due to the cooler weather. The Madison above Ennis Lake is clear and fishing well as is the Lower River. The Yellowstone is on the verge of fishable, but it's still too high to worry about it. The Missouri below Holter is over 14 k which makes for some tough wading, but drift fishing has been fine nevertheless. It's a Sowbug Festival on the MO and Big Horn right now.

The last few weeks have offered some good days, but we've had to work harder than not to find  the right places. The Spring Creeks, Ponds , and Willow Creek have all been booked solid for a couple of weeks now. The Madison, especially the Upper, has been pretty empty though, but I expect that to change in the next few days as more and more touristas begin to show up.

I'm not too sure what the conditions will be like when things start to warm up again, but hopefully, the Salmoflis will finaly show themselves on the lower and the dry fly fishing will be on.

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