Monday, June 16, 2008

Another Lousy Day in Paradise

The last two days have taken me to the Upper Madison, mostly to avoid the weekend crowds on the lower. The flows are still pretty high on the upper but the water clarity is holding in there and the fish are eating when we've been able to get the fly in the right spot. 
Keeping your rig tight to the bank is critical and hard to do with the high flows pushing up against the banks. I've been getting them on Zonkers with a small nymph dropper like a lightning bug. The bugs don't seem to be so important at this time, it's all about tossing it tight to the bank and mending it just enough to pull it off teh bank a couple feet w
ithout getting sucked out into the heavy water. Keep the tip up and throw a big mend.
On an update of FWP activity...I must say that I've been impressed so far as I've seen someone from FWP driving around everyday. The BLM did a real nice job in improvements to Story Ditch. So far so good.

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