Saturday, June 14, 2008

Game On

The meat of the guide season starts tomorrow for me. I've done about 15-20 days so far this year which is pretty good for me, but starting tomorrow, the schedule is pretty full from here on out. I wish more people would come in April and even May as the fishing is usually pretty good, the crowds are a non-issue, and it's just a great time to be out here. So the lucky few that come out here early get to see a whole different Montana than the bulk of folks that come out in June/July/August/September. I'm glad that those people come out here then though as I'd probably be saying the same for the summer if they all came in the Spring or Fall.

Anyway, I'm fishing with repeat folks for the most part here on out and I'm always excited about that this time of year. After you spend a few days with someone, it's always a real treat to see them again year after year. I get to know them on more than a fishing level and lifelong friendships are built between folks that normally would never even meet one another. The true "joys" of fishing are not in the fish but in the fishing. I'm looking forward to the coming months.

We have a ton of snow yet to come out of the mountains which should mean great water all year long. Heck, we may even fish the lower Madison all summer long! I'm sure FWP will come up with some reason to close it though. 

Christine and I took Matthew fro a walk/fish up above the West Fork today on the Madison. We fished a couple hours got a dozen or so fish without working at it too much and enjoyed the day. Christine got a nice bow with Matty in the backpack...she dropped it when we were trying to tak pics. They were eating Hare and Coppers and San Juans pretty well for us today and the water looked really good with 2 + feet of vis. The West Fork was putting some color into the river, but nothing that was too bad. Unless it really blows, things are looking good up there from here on out. We'll see.

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Anonymous said...

hi Toby,
thanks for getting Matty and I out that day, we are looking forward to your next day off and a family fishing trip.

love u, Wif and son