Monday, June 23, 2008

Muddy Bubbling

Well it got warm about a week to 10 days ago and the snow has really started to come down from the mountains. Flows have been really high for awhile now but most things supposedly crested today. The 9th street bridge in Livingston is pretty much toast after 10 days of 22000+ flows. The Gallatin jumped 1000 last night. The lower Madison is at 5000 cfs now. So, the upper is still a choice, but the boat fishing is for the experienced angler only.

Last week saw a lot of time on the Lower Madison with some good fishing at times, but pretty inconsistent overall. The bite was alright, but the flows are making it tough to get the flies in front of too many fish. Nevertheless, we did end up with some good fish everyday. One of my clients lost a huge fish on the lower Yesterday. An easy 23+ inch brown whacked a crayfish. I've been fishing double cray rigs for the most part.

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Ed Hart said...

Thanks for a great trip out there this past week. Fishing was good I thought even though the conditions were less than ideal. Our whole group had a great time. Thanks again.
Edwin Hart