Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall Again

After about 10 days of temps in the 80's, another front made its way across SW Mt a couple days ago. So, we've had some wind and unsettled weather whihc has made for some less predictable action. Things should be settling down tomorrow though as the system has been here for over 24 hours now. 
I had some good fishing on the lower Ystone the last few days, nothing big but good numbers of 14-16" rainbows and a couple of 19-21 inch browns. I guess we did get a couple of good fish afterall. The whitey bite is on too as I saw more whitefish over the last 3 trips down low than I have seen down there...ever. There are still plenty of Midnight Stones around and the fish seem to prefer them best. Still some Tricos, Red Quills and BWO's too and hoppers but conditions need to be right to get that done.

They seem to have made some progress on Hebgen as the flows are way down coming out of the dam. I'm fishing up there tomorrow so I hope it all goes well. The lower Madison has been tough the last few days with a touch of color making its way through. Olive zonkers were the ticket today...they made the difference between a shit day and an alright day. My client was happy so I guess I was too. I did expect to see some more action though. It could be tough going over there for awhile now as the browns move more into spawn mode.

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