Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gettin' is Gud

Another unusually warm day here in SW Montana, I think it's supposed to be like this for one more day. We had a very good day today on the lower Yellowstone on midnight stones overall. Finally saw some Trico activity and some fish were on them...enough to make it pretty fun for awhile. Then we got into some fish eating hoppers and I mean eating the crap out of them good. After that though, we didn't see many more risers but had plenty of good eats on the stonefly nymphs. We landed one that was 23-24 inches, my biggest on the Yellowstone this year.

Dr. Slick came out with a new hemo for the upcoming season and I think it's the greatest tool ever! It's a split shot tool that essentially is a regular hemo witha raised ridge running he length of one of the jaws. You just put the split shot "seam" in line with the ridge and close the hemos and poof...the split shot pops right open. It really is slicker than snot!

My Hatch reel is pretty amazing too!

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