Saturday, May 02, 2009

Before the Melt

The weather finally broke yesterday and what a day it was. Fishing wasn't really that great anywhere yesterday, but it was nice to not be wearing a beanie and gloves for a day. Growing up in Texas, I never had the 4 seasons experience like we do here. I really enjoy the different seasons, but after awhile...summer doesn't sound so bad!

Fished the LM yesterday and found the bite to be better than the day before, but still not great. dredging lots of caddis cases up on hooks and it looks like most of the little critters are pupating which means they shouldn't be too far away. This probably holds true for the Yellowstone as well and I wouldn't be surprised if they started over there today. Unfortunately I'm getting a late start and I don't want to deal with the madness which will surely be going on around Livingston today.

The best bite yesterday was on crayfish, and not the Clouser. Think bunny rabbits. We did get a few on some small nymphs, but not much. Still a lot of BWO's, even in the sun, and I did see some March Browns there as well yesterday. We landed a fish near Greycliff yesterday that was puking up worms, interesting because I've pumped several fish the last few days and hadn't seen any worms! Maybe I'll try them with more earnest today!

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