Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I think the lower Madison was as weedy today as I've ever seen it! The fish were eating fine, but we could hardly even get our flies into the water without picking up some floating grass. I mean it was crazy weedy...and windier than shit too. Good thing I had a plan B, but we got some nice fish in the river in the morning anyway. Sculpins.

I don't think I'll be fishing the lower again for awhile until this starts to thin out. It's the floating grass that is so bad, not the actual weedbeds. The irritating thing is that the fish are eating really well over there so a guy could probably do pretty good wade fishing the buckets with a couple of small nymphs and the right amount of weight but you're still going to be picking more grass than anything.

Have a trip tomorrow, wind is supposed to lay down so probably back to the Yellowstone again. Have to take a first aid challenge course tomorrow night. Fixed a broken winch strap tonight. My boat bag is a disaster. Have lots of crap to order for the shop. Light Balasts. Payday in a couple of days. Tax deposits. Family time. Calgon?

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