Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Certainties of Life

Spent the day at home working on my taxes. It's really not as complicated as I make it out to be, I'm just a bit organizationally challenged in a few areas of my life. So bank statements, thank God for that check scanning the banks do...hell I might as well not even order duplicate checks now that I know about that! Credit card statements are always a fun way to stroll down memory lane...I forgot about the $700 of $1.99 Itunes purchases I made last year...getting my money's worth out of that one! ...she asked me i went on and told her - RL Burnside has made me a better person. Anyway, got the brunt of it done and I'm looking forward to parting with some of the hard earned money I made this summer.

There is a sign up next to some barn in between Roundup and Billings that says something like "Pay Taxes on Election Day." I wonder what the political landscape would look like if we did have elections on tax day. I bet it is hardly coincidental that elections are usually in Nov and taxes are due in April.  I maybe getting a little too neurotic as I don't think many politicians have the foresight for that kind of planning. Who knows? They have everyone convinced that we went to the moon and that the world is round (everyone knows it just keeps getting flatter). Oh and I digress.

Beautiful weather is the forecast for the near future and I'm looking forward to getting on the water tomorrow. It's been 4 days off now and I feel like a new guide. That should last until about 8:15 tomorrow morning! I guess I could be filing legal briefs tomorrow though, so I'll stick to the oars.

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