Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall is Here

Just a few more days of guiding through this week, then some shop time accented with a few October guide trips...hopefully that is.
October fishing is usually pretty good so long as the weather is reasonable. I like mid 40's to mid 50's and overcast conditions in the fall, no wind is preferable as well. BWO hatches midday, usually some streamer fishing is mixed in along with some nymphing...could be very good. The time of year to start thinking about the upper Madison and Falls of years past. Hauser should be fishing good. Sounds like the Madison in the YNP is already super busy
I spent most of the day trying to get some things sorted in the shop and starting to look ahead to the orders I need to place for next year already. In between things, we usually BS about the funny things that happened this year in the shop and on the river.
The guys in the shop get boatloads of dumb questions everyday that aren't really even fishing related. Things like people trying to sell TV's out of their truck, where can they camp in Jackson, WY., do we have fish food, it's always amazing to me how people decide to stop at a fly shop for directions to the Medical Dope Shop or Saddle Place in 4-corners, people will stop to see if they can use the phone, they wonder if we know the old dutch dairy farmer that their father worked for in 1956. I guess the term Touron came to someone years ago after some serious deliberations as it just seems to fit some people so very well.
We always get a lot of silly questions about fishing too, but those seem to belong in a fly shop. I'm working on some top 10 lists for the season, just have to figure out how to phrase them in a PC way...which I'm not so good at. But they're coming to me slowly.
Fishing somewhere tomorrow, kind of hoping for some calm conditions on the Yellowstone as I think I've pretty well thumped every bucket on the LM over the last week.

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