Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sadie and the Madison

I've been on the LM the last 2 days and have found it to be a little disappointing both times. Water is good, bugs are good, hardly anyone else out, just not a great bite...but good enough. I don't know what else to say about was predictably not as good as it should have been.

Fished with a colleague of my wife's yesterday and we had a great time in cool and cloudy conditions. Perfect BWO day but only Pseudos.  Other than some cold weather and lots of laughs, nothing too remarkable.

Today, on the other hand had it's moments. My clients are a father and son, good fishermen and great guys. We're floating along, catching some fish here and there, life is good.

We stopped to fish a bucket, caught a couple lost a couple, life is good. I told them to hang on and we'll just go on  down to the next bucket, oh wait, that will suck as there's a wolf swimming through the next hole. Ok, it wasn't a wolf but it made everyone look. There was a dog swimming through the bucket and nobody was around. I decided to just keep going instead, only the dog kept following us, swimming down the river. This went on for over a mile. Time for lunch. The dog is just hanging out, I give it some jerky and figure what the hell, must be lost. No phone or service, no one around. Dog climbed in my boat and sat next to me all day. I had my clients send a text to the number on the collar and they met us at high bank. Just bizarre, but a good boat dog for the day.

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