Monday, September 27, 2010

Order Time

This weather is crazy nice, but glad to be in the shop for a few days. It's hard to believe but it's already time to place my orders for next year. We've been taking inventory and looking at new products, trying to "crack the retail" code once again. Ten years in biz now, hard to believe that what started out as a dream with my ex-wife has become kind of a fulfillment of everything I ever wanted professionally minus my ex-wife. My ex-wife is actually alright, but we get along a lot better now that she's my ex!

We've got some pretty cool things in the works for next year and I'm just trying to get the right product mix in the shop. More flies, more gadgets, more fly boxes, more low-mid range rods, more fly tying. It seems like we do really well being a fly shop, so I'm thinking that we should just continue to emphasize and grow that aspect of our business. We sell some rods, reels, waders, and boots, but Benjamin comes to us more often through a wire worm than a new fly line. I'm a fan of Mr. Franklin!

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