Friday, September 24, 2010


One more day to go, heading down low on the Yellowstone for some possible October hoppah fishin. Had a great day today over by the Jefferson which was nice as things have been a little disappointing the last week. Rubberlegs, worms, and lightning bugs. Lots of fish, a few good ones too. The browns were pretty dark so I assume some of them are getting ready to do there thing.

Today was actually a really great day all around. Great clients and beautiful weather all day. We heard elk bugling just above us this morning and I just had that feeling that I really do still like my job. It's pretty special to be able to be outside, floating down some of the most storied rivers in the world, helping people feel good about life and the world around.

That said, I'm still glad that I only have one more day to go. I have a few trips in October, but the big push is pretty much over . Truthfully, I'd probably do it everyday if I could.

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