Friday, September 17, 2010

Winter Already?

Woke up this morning with a skip in my step whistling show tunes in the shower. I had one angler today, she and her husband own Breckenridge Outfitters, and we were headed fro the lower, plus she had to be done around 4! Perfect day for a great Madison bite, overcast, cool, drizzle, clear water.

Today with Tracy Ma
I told my wife that I was jacked to watch some football tonight and that I was looking forward to only one more day of guiding until I have a few days off. Life is bliss. I go outside in my fishing shirt and flip flops and think maybe I need a light sweater, it will burn off anyway. Come back inside and my wife tells me that there won't be much football on tonight, it's Friday and NOT Sunday. And it went back to being like the start of every other day just like that!
Yesterday with Huggy Bear

We did end up on the lower, fishing was ok-good...fine would be another accurate adjective used to describe the bite. Or I could say it could have been better but it wasn't too terrible, pretty good at times not so good at others. Nada on the crawdaddy or lightning bug. I felt like Johnny Depp in that leaving las vegas movie for a spell once I realized they were't going to eat my standard fare. Ended up doing alright on zonkers and some ridiculous tiny BWO softhackle emerger. Going back tomorrow and the next day, then a paly date with some football in between I hope!

So I need some help on my fantasy football team if anyone out there is overly in tune with the situation. My WR are Colston, M Floyd, E Royal, C Chambers, and J Gaffney. I also have Reggie Bush. Plan is to start colston and bush but cant decide on #3 wr. I like floyd a lot but it still seems iffy, either Bronco dude may be better...thank God all I have to do tomorrow is row a boat and try to get some fish to eat some tiny fly being drug behind an aquatic carpet monkey with a hook in its back! Geeettt Em!


Josh said...

I'd go with Royal, just based on instinct. I think he has higher potential than the other two. I'm also starting Floyd, but he is a bit unproven as yet.

guppy said...

Singing show tunes? Sounds a little light in the loafers.