Thursday, November 11, 2010

Back to my life as a "fly-fishing-pro" following a few days of a photography workshop here in Bozeman in which I was a participant. Overall, it was a great learning experience and I had the chance to meet and interact with Joe McNally (my secret photographer super-hero). Doubt he's ever fished a day in his life but has has a unique ability to create powerful images of people and the circumstances of life. This was not my "cup of tea" type of photography so I felt like I learned a lot and will hopefully be able to take a reasonable picture of something to do with fly-fishing within the next 7 years!

Fishing...colder weather has finally settled into SW Montana and has started to make things seem more like winter or fall than summer. I think hopper fishing is probably done. The lower Madison is puking dirty still, me thinks it has something to do with the lowering and raising of Ennis Lake following the boulder mishap of late summer. So, spawnerific in the typical spawner regions like below Hauser, Varney, East Gallatin, and more. Also a great time of year to start thinking about hitting the spring creeks in Paradise Valley.

For me...lots of ordering and computer work is the call of duty for the next couple of weeks. Christine is heading to Antarctica on Saturday so I'm prepping myself for a month or so of 24 hrs of "Daddy Daycare."

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toby, what is the first picture?
st. louis tom.