Friday, January 14, 2011

Lite Blog

Yes the blog has been light as of late - but with good reason. I've just been busy and there hasn't been much to report on my end regarding the fishin' world.

Before I start with my BS, the New York Times just put an article on my wife's (Christine Foreman) research project in Antarctica. Check it out at

We moved some things around in the shop which turned into a bigger project than we had expected, but it has turned out well. Charlie and I both had the flu the last week, so that's slowed things down. I've been working on building a photography website at night -should have something to show everyone in a few weeks.

Also I've been on a whirl wind tour of various sports bars around the nation fielding questions about my "road to glory" fantasy football season. It's been busy but I hope to pass on some of my gridiron fantasy knowledge and strategies to everyone next year for the one time price of $9.99 plus $14.95 S&H. But that's not all....order before 9 am tomorrow and I'll also include my best guesses at Hockey Success - a $4.95 value by itself...for free! To Order, just call Vann's Appliance Customer Service in Missoula and ask for "Rick."

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