Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another Good day on the MO

Dam flows came up again today after a week or so of stable flows. The Mo has been clearing up more and more the last few days and was probably sort of more clear looking in a way than just a couple of days ago. Weather was great, anglers great, hell...even fishing with Rick was great. One of those few days that I actually have nothing to complain about! Really haven't had too much to complain about in awhile though, I guess. Good fishing and company.

Wire worms and rubber worms, a little split shot, manageable leaders, and the ability to get a decent drift was all we needed today. I did learn that I must catch a lot of 24 inch fish as 18+6 is not 22. I was reminded that I'm really glad I'm not a fish that likes to eat wire worms. 2X and 3X is a lot better than 4 and 5. The Missouri fish tend to really be mostly 17-18" and fight really well. 13000cfs is a lot of water but not so much as 18000. My RO Deville is super easy to row. My new net (Brodin Excalibur) is better than my old one  but I have no idea how big the net opening is so we've been getting mostly 23-26 inch fish in my best approximation. Cutthroat trout are rare in the MO.

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