Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mo Update Again

 Back up here on the mo and didn't have internet last night or this morning. Even though I have nothing truly important going on that demands my immediate attention, I still was freaking out that that I couldn't blog, update the fishing reports, and facebook...pathetic.
Anyway, yesterday was a tougher than I would have though but it was pretty windy which made it hard to get the drift just right in some places. We fished down to Pelican yesterday and the water was 2-3 feet of visibility. Ended up being just fine, I just thought we should have hooked more.
Came back up to the dam today and it was really good...and busy too. Fish were eating that purple juju baeits very well in the clean water and worms on the dirty side. Steady bite all day with lots of typical Mo fish and a few bigger than normal.
Have had nothing but great folks up here with me this year and I have to think that everyone has had a taste of the some of the better or best trout fishing that they've ever had. I know I've been enjoying the hell out of it so far this year.

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