Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thoughs about Whats Next

Great day chilling around town with my family, getting all my gear sorted, the raft put together, new rod rack loaded, a trip to Wal Mart (now that I am boycotting Costco). Too windy to even think about fishing on my day off, though I was hoping to fish that bamboo rod this weekend.

Head back up to the Mo either tomorrow night or Monday am and have some great folks once again this week. Hope the weather cooperates and the power company holds back some water for awhile. The bite is right for the time so join us for a really unique Montana adventure during high water n the Missouri,

Having the day off, I have been reminded of those things every guide knows about but doesn't really embrace until it;s time to work. Things like how do I get my guide stickers to stick to the boat without being permanently attached? Why issue stickers and then tell the licnessees that they cant permanently stick them to a boat? What does that extra $100 commercial use fee really do? Will the runoff ever start? Why do my fingers and nails crack everyday...why does it have to hurt? Barbed hooks make for easy hook removal but lost fish and the occassional sore nose. Dr. Slick split shot clamps rock, don't leave home without them

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rimcTX said...

After watching Toby use his Dr Slick split shot clamps I went out and bought a pair. These are great !